Inventing a New Culture, Establishing a New Brand

Our branding service offering was established in year 2007, and officially changed its name to Coronar Brandinc Sdn Bhd in November 2010 when it became a subsidiary of the Coronar Group of Companies.

CORONAR BrandINC provides a complete and comprehensive range of professional services for re-fashioning company brands and corporate identity systems.

  • Corporate Logo Design
  • Product Logo Design
  • Corporate Manual Book
  • Corporate Identity System
  • Corporate Scoping Report
  • Corporate SWOT Analysis
  • HR Profiling Report
  • Personal Profiling Report
  • Office Environmental Analysis Report
  • Mobile Number Selection
  • Media Planning (TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine, Online)
  • Social Media Presence
  • Web Management
  • Logo Trademark Application
  • Corporate Workshop
  • Corporate Privilege Business Card
  • Date Selection (signboard installation, commencing new business, moving office, renovation)
  • Corporate Chinese Name


          "a successful name card = a successful brand"

To lead in this competitive market, we have to know what makes us stand out from others. Brand is thus a management of differences. Though it is not reported in the financial reports, it stays alive in the hearts and minds of the people.

In all of our work, from the symbolism and colours of our corporate logo design, brand profiling, business card design to the innovative concepts in our brand identity system design, we integrate the wisdom of ⓋNumbers Methodology and Ⓥ Numbers Symbology for businesses and organisations.

Visual information on the business cards depicts various subliminal messages which can lead to either positive or negative outcomes. The information passed on includes the culture of a company, its motto, direction, philosophy etc. Each business card layout also carries certain representation of subconscious mind and characteristics of the business owner.

We have chosen a different and innovative approach that breaks away from tradition by dividing the business card into 9 standardised segments and labeling them using numbers from 1-9. This formalizes the process, allowing the discovery of the winning edge a company has, and helps in designing a name card that is found most suitable for the company.

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